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this week we learned about PERSONALIZED LEARNING (PL). in my opinion, this type of learning is crucial in classroom as it gives pupils the opportunity to become active participants in the learning.

Personalized Learning is a unique, blended classroom-based that is tailored to the needs and interests of each individual student. Personalized Learning is a 21st century, “on the leading edge” approach to public education that honors and recognizes the unique gifts, skills, passions, and attributes of each child. Personalized Learning is dedicated to developing individualized learning programs for each child whose intent is to engage each child in the learning process in the most productive and meaningful way to optimize each child’s learning potential and success.

So, this is how my personalized learning-lesson will be:

Set induction

Teacher shows a video clip of animals.


  1. Teacher informs pupils that they are going to listen to a story entitle “Fetuli in the Jungle”.
  2. Teacher introduces the characters of the story by using power point presentation.
  3. Teacher flashes the picture of each character.
  4. Pupils are to guess who the character is.
  5. Pupils are to guess the spelling of the animals. (animals are mostly the character of the story)

While listening

  1. Teacher reads the story of “Fetuli in the Jungle”  (which is made by Storybird)
  2. Pupils are to number the sequence of the story correctly

Post listening

  1. Pupils are to change either the beginning or ending of the story using Storybird. (Assuming that they are already familiar with Storybird)
  2. Teacher asks each pupil to present their new story to the class.


Pupils and teacher inculcate the moral values of the lesson that day.


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{February 28, 2011}   today I learn , today I question

It is already the 7th week and it is already half way through this final semester. It’s hard to believe but hey…it is real…:(

So, for this week, we were supposed to invent the “who wants to be a millionaire” game to suits our teaching objective of our lesson based on the format of the original game show. I never ever thought that this popular game show can be improvised into such game that is so exciting and interesting. Apart from that, it never came into my mind that it can also be used with young learners.


Basically, this is what I faced as part of my group in preparing the game.

  1. Template
  • We were provided with a few templates to choose from. We decided to choose the one that is not that complicated for pupils because we thought that other unnecessary items such as fancy background pictures in the template may distract pupils’ attention.
  1. Topic
  • After choosing the right template, we faced a problem in choosing the topic. After a long discussion, we chose :

Topic: Weather

Sub-topic: Types of Weather

  1. Font
  • We chose comic sans for the questions because it is more like real handwritten especially the ‘a’. in other part, we chose fonts that are eye-catching in order to attract pupils to the game.
  1. Reward
  • In the original template, there is no reward given to pupils. so, we thought that it would be great if it is included as it will motivate pupils to give their best in answering the questions. So, we decided to give out cookies as reward to pupils who are able to answer all the questions correctly.

  1. Problems in group
  • In my opinion, all my group mates had given their 100% commitment in completing this task. There was no sleeping partner in my group. We discussed about every details of this game and all of us took part in the whole process. In fact, I was having fun preparing the game as we chat and laugh at the same time. So, there was no problem in my group when it comes to group work. Besides that, I realized that as we work in group, we managed to come out with more creative ideas. It proved that 2 heads are better than 1 :).


That’s what happened when we were preparing the game. Once I was in the classroom and watched other groups’ presentations, I found that my course mates are fantastic. They came out with different kind of “who wants to be a millionaire” game and all of them are brilliant!!!! I was amazed to find that there are so many ways that the popular game can be changed into. As I watched to the bizarre presentation, I was asked to give feedback and this is what I learned:

  1. In creating a game, there are many factors that we have to take into consideration. For example, I learned that the colour scheme in the laptop may not appear as colourful as it is through the LCD projector. So, as a teacher, I have to think about this particular point if I want to create a game for use of the whole classroom.
  2. I also learned that the font used should not be confusing for pupils. The fonts should be easy to read and understandable. Besides that, the background pictures or other graphics should cater the topic and avoid putting unnecessary items.
  3. Instructions should be considered too. There was no written instruction in my group’s game. I learned that it might be better if we included it in the earlier part of the game so that pupils may have better understanding on how to play the game rather than solely depends on teachers’ verbal instructions.

As a whole, I think that the session we had in the previous class was remarkably wonderful. Honestly, I learned a lot through the presentations and there was a time where I just said “wooooaaah” with my opened-mouthh.hahahahahah..I was stunned by the work done by each group. Moreover, the session gave me the opportunity to rate each group work by looking at their strength and weaknesses. I was not only digging their strength and weaknesses but at the same time I recognizing the plus and minus points of my own group. Therefore, I think that it was an effective session as I learned new things and at the same time giving feedback to other groups as well as to myself. other than that, i learned how to scrutinize and analyze other people works which i rarely did while watching any presentations before.

***just thought that it would be much easier and better if we were given more time to reflect on each presentation. At certain point, I was like rushing in giving the feedback for the previous group because I did not want to miss watching the group presenting. And I think it was not fair for the group presenting as well as the group that had presented. So, perhaps we are allocated with 3 minutes to complete the feedback form after each presentation to avoid confusion during giving feedback. 🙂


{February 16, 2011}   butterfly escape

hey folks…:)

in this entry, i am going to talk about how games can be implemented in classroom as part of the teaching and i chose to use Butterfly Escape to teach colours.

have you ever heard of a game called  ZUMA? im pretty sure u did.

basically, BUTTERFLY ESCAPE is similar to Zuma. the way to play it also the same except that it has extra tools to hit the balls such as canon and pistols.

year 2 (average level proficiency)

enrollment: 36 pupils

topic: colours (blue,red,yellow,green)

language focus: noun (colours)

learning objective: by the end of the lesson, pupils should be able to :

  1. identify and name the colours
  2. spell the colours correctly


Set induction

  1. Teacher shows a video about colours.

Presentation stage

  1. Teacher asks pupils to name out colours that they could find in the video.
  2. Pupils are called randomly to say out loud their answer.
  3. Teacher writes down the spelling of the colours they said.
  4. Pupils are to repeat after teacher on the spelling.
  5. teacher shows a power point presentation to recall the name and spelling for each colours.

Practice stage

  1. Teacher introduces to pupils the game Zuma Butterfly


  1. Teacher asks pupils whether they have played this game before.
  2. Teacher tells pupils on how to play the game.
    1. Teacher informs pupils that they have to get a username for them.
    2. Focus the mouse to hit the ball.
    3. Create matches of 3 or more balls of same colours.
  3. Teacher demonstrates on how to play the game.
  4. Pupils are to play the game.(as they play the game, they will have to hit the ball holding by the butterfly to two balls that have the same colour. As they play the game and having fun, pupils will indirectly recognized the colour by matching them to the correct one.)
  5. Teacher gives them the opportunity to finish Level 1.



Production stage

  1. Teacher asks pupils to sit in groups of 6.
  2. In each group, pupils a given a set of pictures (6 pieces of paper to colour).
  3. Pupils are to colour the picture correctly according to the colour code.
  4. Pupils then have to join all their pictures together in order to form a picture.



  1. Teacher wraps up the lesson by recalling all the colours and their spelling.


so…this is my idea on how to use games in teaching colours…

feel free to leave any comments 🙂


{February 14, 2011}   i love toondoo :)

the function is a website that you can create comics for laughs as well as for ducation purposes.  Toondoo is very easy to use. All you need to do is create an account which only requires a username and password. Toondoo is not a software program, it’s an online program. it is the world fastest way to create cartoons. users may create any cartoon strips for FREE! plus, users may create their own cartoon characters for use in the future. teacher might make full use of it to use it as teaching aids or also as task for use in the classroom.  for example:


-teacher may use this as a task for pupils in teaching feelings.

– pupils fill in their answers in the box provided based on the facial expression shown by the figure (mum)


the limitations

  • it requires internet access. if your not connected to the internet, you do not have the chance to use it.
  • it can be quite complex and complicated. but once you are familiar with it, u will enjoy it to the max.


  • For starters it teaches young minds to use imagination and it also prevents long lectures by teachers which do not interest the mind. teachers can have an interesting and interactive teaching tools by using this Toondoo. teacher may avoid from a boring and lame lesson by introducing this to the pupils.
  • teacher could give the opportunity for pupils to come out with their own comic strip yet still according to the teaching objective.
  • colourful – it is colourful and attractive. really close to kids’ heart.
  • creative- pupils and also teacher get to be creative. they are able to create cartoon strips according to what they intended to say. for example, teacher may use her or his creativity in making his or her lesson which will definitely attract pupils’ attention.
  • fun – it is fun to play with. this application or programme does not stressing you. instead, once you signed up and begin to try out to create your own comic strips, you will get addicted to it (that is what happened to me :P)
  • expressive – this application give you the opportunity to be more expressive. perhaps, certain peopleare not expressive enough with words. so, with the help of Toondoo, they get the chance to express whatever they have in mind in more creative and less formal. this might be very useful for teachers to use in classroom. teacher may use it as a poster in classroom where rule of the class is included in the comic strips. pupils will be attracted to read it and indirectly, they will always be aware of the rules in the classroom.
  • interactive
  • TRAITR – giving you the opportunity to create your own cartoon character if u could not find any one that is perfect for your cartoon strips. you may use it in the future too.

when can this tool be used
Our tool is easy to use for educational purposes. Teachers can use Toondoo to teach lessons in all subjects, which in most cases is better then long, boring lectures or essays. Also it teaches people to think outside of the box. Instead of writing the boring essay or drawing the ordinary picture, they can make a fun comic.  I prefer Toondoo because you can add text to the comic. In my opinion, Toondoo is very easy to use. I I think people, especially young children should use Toondoo, and also I really think teachers should use it too.

the user friendliness from the teacher point of view (you)

in my opinion, the user-friendliness of Toondoo is fine. teachers like us can easily access to it (if our school has internet connection la…). its easy to get familiar with it. what you need is just to spend some time to explore it. similar as when you just meet a man or woman, you need time to get to know her or him…heheheh…once you are familiar with it, its going to be your best “buddy” at all time. 😛

the tool is suitable for which standard

i think, it is suitable for upper primary kids. this is because, pupils may find it a bit complicated with all the characters and they might wrongly used the facial expression to situation. besides that, lower primary pupils are likely to get carried away by all the changing shapes, hair colour and facial expressions.

i strongly suggest that all of you should try step out from your ‘old box’ and start being CREATIVE!! 🙂

{January 24, 2011}   my so-called TPACK lesson :)

Hey..its me again…. and this time, my entry is about my so-called TPACK  lesson. 😀

enjoy! hehehe

to begin with, i give you some basic information about the lesson,

Subject : English
Class: Year 4 Cempaka (low proficiency pupils)
Theme: World of Knowledge
Topic: Types of Weather
Language focus: noun – types of weather (rainy, sunny, windy, cloudy, snowy, hot)
Technology tools: LCD projector, lap top, speaker, marker pen, white board

Set Induction:

I began my class with a song entitled ‘It’s Rainy”. I arouse pupils’ attention by playing that very catchy song and pupils were to listen tentatively.

Pre-Listening :

  • content knowledge

At this stage, I showed them a few pictures that represent each types of weather. Then, I asked them to identify those pictures and I wrote down their answers. I drilled with them the spelling of the weather as guidance for them in the next activity.



  • technology knowledge

After drilling session, I continued this stage with a video viewing. I showed my pupils a video of the same song they listened earlier in the beginning of the class. I let them watch it for once and after that, they had to sing along the song.

  • Pedagogy (total-physical-response [TPR])

After that, I informed them that they will be doing some movement while they sing. So, I showed them the movement for each type of weather. For example, we acted as we are shivering for snowy.

While-listening (poem):

At this stage, I read them a poem and they had to fill in the blanks with the correct word. I asked them to listen very carefully to the poem. I read the poem for twice to help them filling in the blanks. In order to check the answer, I asked a few pupils to read the poem part by part and we discussed the answer together.

Post listening :

(pedagogy – cooperative learning)

At this stage, pupils worked in group of six to complete a task. They had to search for the word listed in the word bank in the word puzzle and then rewrite the word under the correct picture. They were encouraged to work on it together and as teacher, I facilitated them and make sure that they were all participating.

overall, i found my pupils really enjoy that lesson and what made me feel so happy was when i heard them sing the song after a week or two after that class. i believed that they enjoyed the lesson so much and most important thing is, they learned something out of the lesson. 🙂

{January 18, 2011}   top 10 wish list

hey folks..

1. love the culture

teachers have to love the new culture – ‘ICT Culture’  in order to have a fully ICT based classroom. based on my teaching practice experience, i noticed that the teachers are not into ICT because for them the ICT did not help them instead its burdening. that is why i think the most important agenda in making this ‘dream’ come true is loving the culture.

2. smart board & LCD projector

each class should be provided with a smart board and an LCD projector. this may assist teachers to carry out a better lesson perhaps with the help of music, slideshows, videos, colourful pictures and animation. it will create a fun learning environment which will definitely arouse pupils’ interest to involve in the teaching and learning.

3. well-trained teachers

in order to have a fully ICT class, teachers are the most important parties that play the role. this is because, the lesson in any class is depending on the teachers. that is why, teachers need to have solid knowledge on this matter and have to master the skill.

4. a notebook for a teacher

if each teacher in a school has a  notebook, he or she may easily plan and do a lesson that is fully equipped with ICT. it will benefits teachers as it may reduce their preparation time and at the same time prepare a very interactive lesson with the help of technology-wise-things such as using videos. it will also benefits the pupils as they get to learn in a very fun way.

5. syllabus

the MOE may create a more approachable syllabus for teachers to follow. instead of just including CDs in teaching and learning session, perhaps the MOE can necessitate each teacher apply it in class which is differ from what is happening in the school nowadays where teachers are giving the option to not to apply it in the classroom.

6. fully equipped classroom

in my opinion, each classroom should be equipped with computers. in the class, a computer should be on the table for each pupil. this will allow them to have an ICT based learning. they have the chance to explore the world through the net and learn from there.teacher may give homework through the net. besides that, they get the chance to use the computer on their own instead of sharing it.

7. internet connection

internet connection should be available for the whole school compound. this is to give ample opportunity for not only teachers but also pupils to serve the net and get information from there.

8. enough technical assistant/technician

technician should be placed at each school in order to facilitate the computers and other ICT facilities. this will help to avoid delaying in teaching and learning session because this technology wise things can unexpectedly spoilt which will effect the teaching and learning session. if the technician is around, they might repair it on time and also upgrade it time to time.

9. e-learning

e-learning may be included in our syllabus which may benefits pupils as they learn through something new. different from the way of learning that we apply nowadays, this may bring magic to classroom because pupils will spend less time on writing and jotting down notes. they will spend more time on the net to complete their tasks and homework.

10. a  pupil, a netbook

although it seems ridiculous at this moment but this may come in handy if a fully ICT classroom is to be implemented. as we can see in most school now, there is only one computer lab which fully equipped with computers. yet, two pupils have to share one computer. do you think that this will help them in learning? as they sit together, they started to talk with each other and there will be possibilities for one pupil to do all the task and at the same time, sleeping partner will take place.

so, thats my wishes…but …….can these wishes come true????

have a look at this picture and figure it out! 🙂


{January 10, 2011}   ICT….me….cute pupils

it is good to read other people’s experiences during their teaching practice. they are all interesting experiences and now it is my turn to spew  mine and share the thoughts with you. let me start off by giving some basic  information about the classes i have taught for 3 wonderful months. i was given the responsible to teach English to year 4 Cempaka (42 pupils) and Mathematics  to year 5 Cempaka (38 pupils). generally. their English proficiency was poor.

1st experience.

if i am not mistaken, i experienced this on the third week of my teaching practice. i started to bring the pupils from 4 Cempaka to the Media Room beginning this week because they usually came in to the class late as they had their Mathematics lesson in that room earlier. it affected my lesson because i had to start the class quite late for almost every week  in order to  make sure that they are all settled down. so, i decided to have my class there with them. initially, i was so excited to go in the class and show my little learners what i have already prepared for them. there are colourful stories in the form of slide shows. however, once i started the class, something  unexpected happened. i could not connect the LCD projector with my laptop. i took around 5 minutes to fix it until i called my partner fafa to help me out. thank God its finally working. however, it was already half way of the class. i was only able to show them the slides and an activity on the stories. i could not continue with the rest of my lesson due to the time constraint. apart from that, i could see the pupils were enjoying themselves while listening to the story and looking at the colourful pictures. but, they were making noises more than they were in their respective class. this is because they were sitting with their gang. it is also kind of congested for all 42 pupils in such a small room. not just that, little activities could be done due to the size of the room.

miss lola in higglytown

2nd experience

i always used music in my past teaching practice for both classes. i used it when we play MYSTERY BOX  and also when we sing songs. however, the supporting equipment such as speaker was not available. so, i have to bring my own speakers which at times burdening as i had to carry a lot of things to classroom besides my teaching aids. i could see that they were enjoying themselves as they heard the music. once i hit the music,  all of them were automatically became active participants in the lesson. i could see their existence in the class as they actively participating not only while playing the game but as well as in the following activity. in fact, they kept asking for music every time i went in to the class. apart from its magic in making my lesson lively, music can somehow make the class noisy and out of control as all the pupils get too excited when they listen to the song.

3rd experience

i would also love to share with you my experience using the ICT during my story telling session. it was during English week when my partner and me was given the responsible to conduct a story telling session with year 2 pupils. it was so difficult for us just to get the LCD and the microphone. we had to run here and there from the office to the classrooms. the teachers were not all informed about the LCD and other ICT equipment. most of them only know that there are stored in the Media Room but almost all the ICT stuff are spoilt. so, it was hard for us to look for the things we needed. although we went through such a hard time looking for the LCD and the microphone, it was worthwhile to see the pupils had so much fun during the story telling session.


{January 4, 2011}   …pbey4103…

hello world!!

m a new bird here….:P

lookin forward to share my opinion and view with u…MUAX!

{January 4, 2011}   Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

{September 25, 2009}   pre-stage – video kit

This is the first stage of "the making of our video kit".

In this stage, we brainstormed and had a short and concise discussion among us for a number of times. We came across to several ideas. However, there are ideas that could not be applied for our kit due to certain circumstances such as the appropriateness for the audience which is the year 2 students.

In the discussion, we always bear in mind that we need to produce non-technology and internet-free activities. It is not that hard for us to find such activities. This is because we were used to organize workshop for young learners such as reading workshop. In those workshops, we rarely prepared a high –tech activities for the pupils. So, we applied our experiences in preparing the most suitable activity for our target audience.

Finally, we came to a consensus and came up with a decision. We also, divided the task for each one of us.

I hope that our video kit will be a success!!

et cetera